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About the association:

The Norwegian Anthropological Association (NAF) was founded in 1980 and is a membership organization for anthropologists, master's students in anthropology and others with higher education who work in anthropological fields. The association works actively to create the widest possible network between anthropologists in different professional groups, both within and outside the university and college environments. NAF is not a trade union, but contributes to professional exchange. The association organizes conferences every two years, publishes the professional journal Norwegian anthropological journal and manages the website.

Our board


Tone Danielsen
Chairman (2022-2024)
Associate professor at the department of management and organisation, Høyskolen Kristiania


Carla Dahl-Jørgensen
NTNU representative (2022-2024)
Professor at the Department of Social Anthropology, NTNU

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Bente Sundsvold
UiT representative (2022-2024)
Associate professor at the Department of Social Anthropology, University of Tromsø


Pål Hægland
Business and administration representative (2023-2025),
Project manager in Nordre Follo Municipality


Cecilia Salinas
UiO representative (2023-2025),
Postdoctoral fellow at the University of Oslo


Erik Henningsen
College and university representative (2023-2025),

Head of research at OsloMet


Geir Henning Presterudstuen
UiB representative (2023-2025)
Associate professor at the University of Bergen


Martin Eggen Mogseth
PhD representative (2022-2024)

Doctoral student at the University of Bergen


Kristoffer Holgersen
Student representative (2023-2025)

Bachelor student at the University of Oslo

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Camilla Hansen
FEEF representative (2022-2024)

Associate professor at OsloMet and head of FEEF.


Tord Larsen
NAT editor (2022-2024)

Professor emeritus at the Department of Social Anthropology, NTNU


Kathinka Frøystand
NAT editor (2022-2024)

Professor of religious studies, University of Oslo

609c2da00c15-jon_harald_sande_lie_11 (1).jpg

Jon Harald Sande Lie
Research institute representative (2023-2025)
Researcher 1 at NUPI

Annual positions:

Auditor: Benedicte Brøgger

Election committee: Marinanne Lien and Anne Waldrop


Administrative secretary: Helene Dahl

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