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As a member of the Norwegian Anthropological Association, we will keep you updated on research and happenings in the field. In addition, you will receive monthly updates as well as a discount on our events.

Do you have articles, photos or anything else you would like to publish? Send us an email at or contact us through the form on the website. We are always looking for new content to share with our readers!

Academic content

NAF has a committed and broad professional environment that provides the opportunity to exchange research and experiences through articles, our journal, podcasts and events.


NAF wants to create meeting points for anthropologists and annually organizes the annual conference and annual meeting for members. In addition, we organize the Antropologie+ seminar series several times a year.


NAF creates a good professional and social network through events and social media  where job advertisements, fieldwork, and the like can be shared with others with the same background.


Our journal NAT (Norwegian anthropological journal) conveys social anthropological research and expression of opinion four times a year through articles, debate articles and reviews.

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