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Forum for Ethics in Ethnographic Research 

FEEF is a Norwegian committee for research ethics in ethnography. The committee's mandate is to carry out professional political work and information activities to promote the unique nature of the subject within research ethics and legal regulations on the collection, storage and dissemination of ethnographic material.

Published articles

See theme number on research ethics in

NAT volume 31, no. 3

Publisert i RAI: 
Experiences of GDPR in Norway: Politics of autonomy and control (2024) av Jan Ketil Simonsen &
Elisabeth L'orange Fürst
(Link til hele nummeret)

Ethical guidelines from our sibling organisations

American Anthropological Association (AAA) principles: 

Anthropological Ethics - Learn and Teach (

ASA's ethical guidelines:

Ethical Guidelines for Good Research Practice

ASA's statement on GDPR:
EASA's Statement on Data Governance in Ethnographic Projects

Forum members

Manager and secretary:

Associate Professor Camilla Hansen & Professor Sidsel Roalkvam

Professor emerita Elisabeth L`orange Fürst 

Associate Professor Gitte Koksvik

Professor Halvard Vike

Professor Mari Rysst

Professor Jan Ketil Simonsen

Researcher I Ragnhild Elise Johansen

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